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7056.00 USD Per Pallet

  • Category
    : Dates / Ajwa
  • Class
    : First class
  • Number of cartons in the pallet
    : 105.00
  • Carton Weight
    : 0.11 Kg
  • Pallet Weight
    : 482.46 Kg

Product details

BLESSED AJWA DATES FROM ALMADINAH ALMUNAWARAH: We suggest that you begin your day with seven blessed Ajwa dates cultivated by Leen, in the heart of the Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah date palm growing area and remember the Prophet Muhammad’s Pbuh. Hadith saying: "Whoever eats Al- Madinah Ajwa seven dates in the morning will stay safe from magic or poison on that day." Resealable Pouch with Zipper 400g

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