It is a digital marketplace that specializes in selling a variety of dates in wholesale by the best Saudi producers with the “Saudi Dates Mark” to guarantee the highest quality standards and supported by Saudi Government

No, we are not responsible about outside contact with vendors.

Yes, you can choose one of our labs listed on the website

Yes, you can customize and add your own logo. For any customization, please list them while creating a special order.

We offer to the importer diversity, and guarantee of high-quality products that are checked by an integrated quality team

We, as a marketplace, choose our products from the best brands in Saudi Arabia to offer the best local dates with the Saudi Dates Mark under the supervision of the National Center for Palms and Dates of the Ministry of Water, Environment and Agriculture

Saudi Dates Mark guarantees the level of product quality and food safety is granted to the business after applying all the technical and standard requirements in food safety, which comply with the requirements of international markets.

Products are shipped by Land, Air and Sea to all countries of the world.

Shipping is going to be through our exclusive logistic partner (ٍSAL), and a price quote is sent to the customer within a maximum period of 48 hours after selecting the products.

21 days is the standard manufacturing period. The duration can be changed by contacting the supplier.

You can contact the supplier through our chat.

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